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Luxury Cattery in Sheffield
Luxury Cattery in Sheffield
Luxury Cattery in Sheffield

5 Star Rated by Chesterfield Borough Council

We have a 5 Star Rating from the Chesterfield Borough Council Licencing Team, the highest rating possible. Aristocat Luxury Cat Hotel offers 5* accommodation with immaculate and spacious rooms all with heated pads and windows overlooking our own meadows. The cattery has a tranquil and quiet atmosphere, each individual room has an en-suite outdoor run with a climbing frame.

Tranquil and Quiet

Comfy and warm – every room has a cosy ‘den’ Comfort is essential when cats come to stay! There’s a heated pad in every den and it’s lovely and warm – cats love them. The windows are popular – cats enjoy a ‘room with a view’ and to sit and see what’s going on outside. Flowers, pictures, mirrors and soft music all create a relaxing and ‘home from home’ atmosphere.

Spacious Accommodation

There’s plenty of room for our guests to play, eat, sleep and they do love to explore. Timid cats can find a cosy corner. We always have cardboard boxes available if liked – perfect for quiet times or to ‘snug up’ in. The youngsters love them for games of hide and seek. All our guests are brushed daily – if liked! Please bring your cat’s own brush and a little bag of luggage is welcome too.

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Luxury Cattery in Sheffield